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What We Do

Staffing/Consulting Solution

Blackfig provides consulting services with competent personnel in contemporary technologies related to programming software, middleware, firmware, system development and business solutions. Our teams are responsible for the development of commercial software products, maintenance of deployed software & tools, data analytics and web applications. We deliver more reliable applications in shorter time frames using our iterative "evolving milestone" process. It enables to achieve best case results even when specifications start out vague and change often. Our engineers are capable to adapt to customer processes and work productively even in an ambiguous environment.

Embedded Systems

We have created a highly collaborative approach to outsourced development that enables engagement in the niche areas of the embedded software industry by putting the emphasis on core competencies, and reliable, high-quality results. Products are expected to deliver competitive business value to the end users/customers in the dynamic business scenarios and meet the short and term objectives of their organizations. Our experienced personnel with the capabilities in the define, design, develop and validate , supported by industry-focused research and development, simulation, proof of concept, domain expertise, reusable assets, solution accelerators and industry alliances, helps our clients achieve their product development and sustenance initiatives.

Quality Assurance & Testing

Our automated Testing solution helps clients to accelerate their testing programs by using the right set of tools, frameworks and approach coupled with trained skilled resource. We look at solving clients challenges with image based automation, script less automation and cloud based accelerated testing solution which requires least support from SMEs. Our Performance Testing offering helps eliminate performance bottlenecks much before the application (be it desktop, mobile or web based) goes to release. We offer stress, volume, bandwidth analysis, scalability & network performance testing with performance tuning services for Application and DB Layer.

IT Services

Our experts in human factors help you achieve the most intuitive solutions. This is true whether your specifications are firm, fluid, or undefined. We start by gaining a clear understanding of the use-cases and tasks your users will perform. Our deep design skills, common sense, and rapid, iterative development process build on this foundation. Because we take your feedback into account continuously, you receive a robust, intuitive application that satisfies your users' real world needs.